Our Story

The story of Everything Beekeeping starts in 2003.  My kids were waiting for the bus and noticed that some bees had taken up residence in a stump in the front yard.

I had always liked bees since he was in 6th grade and Gary Reynolds had brought an observation hive to science class.

The kids and I tried to save those bees in the stump but they did not make it.  The following spring we ordered 3 packages of bees and started raising bees.  

The bees did great that summer and we soon found that we had more honey than we could use or give away.  The next year in 2004 we started selling honey at farmers markets and craft shows.

A big hit was honey sticks that I bought from Natures Kicks.  We sold a lot of them but I did not like it that I did not know where the honey came from.  So I started working on coming up with a way to make my own sticks from my own honey.

I tried many different designs and tons of sealers to find the right combination that worked.  After much trial and error I finally came up with a easy way to make honey sticks on a small scale.  That year we made over 5000 sticks and sold every one.

The next year I decided to try to sell machines.  I set up a website and went live.  That year we sold maybe 4 or 5 machines.  Things were slow but they did sell and I got good feedback.

Things started to take off from there as word of mouth got out.  I started to do some advertising in 2014 and sales really took off.  So much so that I had to use my entire weekends making machines.  

In 2017 we combined John & Wayne Honey Farm and Honey Stick Machine's websites into Everything Beekeeping.  We expanded even more and hired our first employee to help make machines.

in August 2017 I improved the Honey Stick Machine by eliminating the need for heating the honey with a pressure system.  This eliminated the problem that customers had learning how to use the machine.  Now a person can receive a machine and be making honey sticks in under 30 minutes.  

in 2018 Everything Beekeeping has expanded even further and have worked out with suppliers and has started selling bee equipment at competitive prices.  

This has been an amazing journey and who would have thought that a doomed colony in a stump so long ago would lead us to where we are today.  We want to thank all our customers and say welcome to our future customers.  At Everything Beekeeping we are still that small family run business down the street.  We are committed to our customers and giving them the best products and the best price.

Thank you : Wayne & Jamie Flewelling, JR.