Welcome to the Honey Stick Making Machine instruction page.

Below is a video to help you get started with making Honey Sticks.  


The Honey Stick Making Machine Instructions

 What is included:

      1) Honey Stick Machine Manifold

     2) Honey Stick Sealer

     3) Pump and Transfer Tube

    Additional Items needed:

  •  Wet rag to wipe off sealer
  • Scissors to trim straws
  • 9/16” Wrench to install barbs
  • Screwdriver


Hand tighten each barb into a valve.  Be careful not to cross thread.  Using a 9/16” deep socket or wrench tighten each barb approximately 2 to 2.5 complete turns.  Use caution that you do not break the barb or the valve seal.  They do not need to be screwed all the way into the valve to make a good seal.  Attach hose to honey pump using the band clamp.

 To make Honey Sticks:

  1. Connect the pump to the honey stick machine making sure the valves are all closed. 
  2. Pour honey into the pump not going past the 30oz mark or you will introduce air into the honey when you add pressure.
  3. Prime the pump by giving the top round handle 15 to 20 full pumps.  One complete up and down motion is one pump.
  4. Place straws onto the manifold ensuring that they are fully seated.
  5. Open the very end valve furthest from the pump and slightly tilt the machine up at that end so that all the air will escape as honey fills the machine.  Once honey reaches that straw you can set it back down.  Start to open valves and then close them once honey reaches approximately ½-3/4 inches from top of straws.  Continue to turn off valves to straws that are full.
  6. Once all straws are full and valves turned off place the end of the straw over the sealer so that the line of honey is approximately in the center of the sealer.  (Ensure the sealer is set on setting #6)
  7. Seal end of tube by pressing down on sealer.  Sealer will turn on the turn off. You might hear a small click when sealer is done sealing and red light by setting dial will go out.
  8. Once you hear the small click or light goes out maintain pressure for another 6 to 10 seconds to make sure seal on straw cools. (you must wait this extra time or it won’t seal properly)
  9. Advance the Honey Stick Machine until the barbs are at sealing line.  In one motion, press down on sealer and pull manifold away.  Seal the bottom of straw as you did the top.
  10. Once the seal is complete, gather the straws and place in a pan for later trimming of the ends. Continue process until your honey is out.  One quart will make about 200 honey sticks.


To take apart the honey stick machine do as follows:


Take the end caps off and the honey pump off.

Open all the valves and rinse with warm soapy water.

Place pump under the water and squeeze it several times until no more honey remains.

Let the pump and honey stick machine dry.


  1. If you allow honey to cool in the machine it won’t hurt anything.  Room temperature honey works just fine, although slightly warmed honey works a bit better and speed up the process. in the new improved design and if you need to take a break while making sticks you can now.  If you need to leave it overnight you can and pick right back up in the morning.  I recommend that if you do leave machine for any time that you relieve pressure in the pump though.
  2. You can order replacement straws on the Honey Stick machine website.
  3. Keep the sealer clean as you go.  Small drips of honey will get on it and make it so it doesn’t seal properly.
  4. I recommend that you change the silicon strip and the Teflon strip on the sealer after each 1000 straws or so.  The Silicon strip can be turned around so you get two uses out of it.  Spare parts are available at

 If you have any questions contact me at

 Thank you,

 Wayne Flewelling, JR.


Each machine is handmade.  I don’t have any fancy machines to make these for me so each one will have some small differences.  Yes, the machine has a slight bow to it and not sure why but it is the same for every machine.  I try my best to make each one perfect but without all the fancy CNC stuff I can’t do it.  So I guess in a way each machine is unique and one of a kind.  I hope you enjoy using it as much as I enjoy making them (sometimes)  LOL…..thank you again.


Flavors can be added to the honey to mix it up and increase sales. carries several flavors that we have found to work well. 

When mixing flavors mix it in warm honey then take a sample, let it cool and taste it.  The taste is different when warm than cool. 

Start with approximately 1 capful of flavor per cup of honey.  So if you are making a quart batch start with approximately 4 caps full of flavor.  Vary it up or down to your taste.