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Honey Stick Machine


The Honey Stick Machine was created with the small beekeeper in mind.  It is simple to use and operate the machine, which allows the small beekeeper an affordable way to put their own honey into Honey Sticks to sell for a greater profit or to give away as samples.  With over 15 years of making and selling these machines, the original Honey Stick Machine is the only proven machine that will fit your needs.

This machine is easy to operate.  A complete instruction sheet is included.  Once you are up and running you can easily make 200 to 400 sticks an hour with each quart of your honey making 220 sticks on average.

The machine is easy to clean as both ends can be removed and flushed with warm water to clean at the end of your production run. 

The Honey Stick machine kit comes with everything you need to get started.  It includes The original 9-valve manifold (JR has 5), Pressure Honey pump and tubing, A large box of 2500 straws (if sold for 25 cents each you make your money back on the first box), and an instruction sheet.

We now offer the same machines in a NO SEALER KIT version.  You get everything contained in the original kits except the sealer.