NEW pressurized system for the Honey Stick machine

Posted by Wayne Flewelling, JR on

Hello, and WELCOME to thee news letter.  we have great news for all those that are enjoying the Honey Stick making Machine.    We have finally developed a way for you to make sticks and NOT have to heat your honey.  Thats right, you heard it hear first.  You can now make all the sticks you want with your own honey and NEVER have to heat a drop.

The new pressurized honey pump is now available.  Tested and proven to work you just pour your honey in, screw on the lid, give it a few pressurizing pumps and start to make honey sticks.  See it here >>>>>  Upgraded Machine Video

IF you like what you see and want to order the upgrade for yourself then Click Here

I want to thank everyone for making the machine such a success.



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